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Final FLSA Overtime Rule Issued by DOL: What You Need to Know
  • Tuesday, December 10
  • Webinar
Melissa Fleischer

Please join Melissa Fleischer, attorney at law, as she provides this in-depth overview of the Final Rule and advice on methods for employers to ensure compliance with these revisions to the FLSA.

California Meal and Rest Breaks: What You Don’t Know Can Cost You
  • Friday, December 20
  • Webinar
Melveen Stevenson

Please join Melveen Stevenson as she informs you about the laws so that you will be better-equipped to assist your company in being California-compliant with meal and rest periods.

Joint Employment: Determining If It Applies, Navigating the Rules and Minimizing Liability
  • Thursday, December 19
  • Webinar
Janette Levey Frisch

Please join Janette Levey Frisch as she demystifies the concept of joint employment, and helps you determine if and when you are a joint employer, and what to do –and not to do—if you are.

Supervisor & Manager Training Workshop: Hands-On Training to Reduce Employer Risk and Liability
  • Wednesday, December 18
  • Webinar
Robert Gregg

The Supervisor & Manager Training Workshop, in three 90-minute sessions, offers comprehensive supervisory training aimed at reducing the risks for employers caused by the poor management decisions of their supervisory and management personnel. Each session focuses on a key management area where your supervisors and managers due to their poor management practices are likely exposing your employer to unwanted employee-related risks.

Pronouns in the Workplace: Policies, Procedures and Practices
  • Tuesday, December 17
  • Webinar
Melissa Fleischer

Sometimes managers can create inadvertent problems for organizations merely by refusing to comply with an employee’s request to be called by a certain name or pronoun. Managers usually think this is ridiculous or not important and fail to comply with the employee’s wishes. This can cause significant legal liability for an organization. Today, more than ever, managers and others in the workplace need to understand what the use of pronouns means, how failing to do this can create legal liability for an organization, and what the pronoun policy should include. But what pronouns should you use? Should you have a policy on pronouns? What should such a policy include? Should you provide training on this issue?

Medicare and Employer-Sponsored Health Plans: Know the Rules and Avoid Problems
  • Friday, December 13
  • Webinar
Christine Williams

Join Christine Williams, founder of Health Plan Plain Talk, as she explains the rules and how to avoid Medicare problems.

Independent Contractor or Full-Time Employee Classification: Current DOL & IRS Requirements and FLSA Rules for Using Unpaid Interns
  • Thursday, December 12
  • Webinar
Melissa Fleischer

Please join Melissa Fleischer, attorney at law, as she takes you step-by-step through your own independent contractor self-audit to make sure that you have everyone classified correctly and are prepared with the documentation you need should your employer be selected for an audit.

FLSA Compensable Time Issues That Can Trip You Up Big Time
  • Wednesday, December 11
  • Webinar
Melissa Fleischer

Please join Melissa Fleischer, attorney at law, as she explains the compensable and overtime rules step-by-step and gives examples of the problems employers face while also offering practical solutions that will keep you in compliance with the FLSA overtime and compensable time requirements.