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HR 101: Review of the Fundamental Laws
  • Tuesday, January 21
  • Webinar
Melissa Fleischer

Today, most experienced HR professionals need to know almost as much as employment attorneys. This webinar will provide the basics that you need to know and how to ensure that you have avoided risk for your organization.

DOL Issues New Opinion Letter on FMLA Compliance
  • Wednesday, January 22
  • Webinar
Melissa Fleischer

Please join attorney Melissa Fleischer for this in-depth FMLA compliance guide and discussion of the new FMLA DOL opinion letter. She will provide HR with step-by-step procedures to best understand HR’s obligations under the FMLA.

Employment-at-Will and Wrongful Termination Allegations
  • Thursday, January 23
  • Webinar
Janette Levey Frisch

Please join Janette Levey Frisch to discuss the extent and limits of employment-at-will. We will also explore the statutory exceptions and contractual provisions that seem to undermine employment-at-will to give you clarity and guidance on an often-misunderstood principle of employment law. This webinar will help you gain some insight into how to navigate your relationship with your employees, keeping employment-at-will and its exceptions in mind.

Marijuana and the Workplace: The Laws Are Changing
  • Tuesday, January 28
  • Webinar
Melissa Fleischer

Are you allowed to refuse to hire an applicant who tests positive for marijuana on a pre-employment drug test? Are you even allowed to test for marijuana on a pre-employment drug test? Does an applicant have a right to sue you under your state’s medical marijuana act? The answers to these questions and many more will be provided in this important webinar.

Disciplining (or Terminating) an Employee: What to Do – and What Not to Do
  • Wednesday, January 29
  • Webinar
Janette Levey-Frisch

Please join attorney Janette Levey-Frisch as she helps you learn and understand best practices of performance improvement plans, discipline, and termination in connection with performance or conduct issues.

Onboarding: Best Practices for Hiring and Retaining the Best Talent
  • Thursday, January 30
  • Webinar
Nina Woodard

Finding talent is difficult, and having to replace employees after you have invested time with them is costly. The key to helping new hires feel connected is an effective onboarding program. Onboarding goes beyond the first day and required paperwork. It extends throughout the first year to eighteen months to ensure that the new hire’s experience of the organization creates a “stickiness” that will engage her for the long haul.

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